Hawaiian Holiday Short Sleeve Dress

Hawaiian Holiday Short Sleeve Dress

Skimming the knee and cut on the bias, our beautiful handkerchief hem dress is a must-have addition to your tropical wardrobe. A perfect fit that skims your curves and lets you move makes this the choice for shopping, dancing, and living it up on vacation or at home. Choose one of our beautiful, colorful hand painted batik fabrics and create your own island dream dress. This style is also available in sleeveless and slip dress versions.

Our model is carrying one of our hand made and beaded shoulder bags and wearing matching sandals to complete her outfit.

  • Style 14 ITS
  • Custom Alterations Free
  • Plus sizes available
  • Matching accessories available
  • Cold water wash
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  • Pastel Fabric Category
  • 97 FDB
  • 393 FDB
  • C34 FDB
  • C190 FDB
  • C190 BMB
  • C190 GD
  • New Fabric
  • BA 580
  • J 147
  • J 150
  • J 152
  • YB 219
  • BA 551
  • BA 553
  • BA 435
  • BA_414
  • YB 124
  • YB 48
  • YB 55
  • BA 504
  • BA 363
  • J120
  • J122
  • J 140
  • YB212
  • BA 221
  • BA 256
  • BA 13
  • BA317
  • YB 138
  • YB 10
  • BA 324
  • BA 578
  • BA 505
  • Blue Fabric Category
  • 478 FD
  • 478 BSP
  • 478 T
  • 478 BMB
  • 478 GD
  • 478 LBM
  • 454FD
  • 454T
  • 994FD
  • 994T
  • 869WT_FD
  • 869WT_BSP
  • 869WT_BMB
  • 869WT_T
  • 865GD
  • 865FD
  • 865BSP
  • 865BMB
  • 865T
  • Purple Fabric Category
  • 993FD
  • 993BSP
  • 993T
  • 993GD
  • Green Fabric Category
  • 453FD
  • 453T
  • 453 GD
  • 453 LBM
  • 450FD
  • 450BSP
  • 450 GD
  • 450T
  • 1002WT_FD
  • 1002WT_BSP
  • 1002WT_T
  • 1002WT_GD
  • Rainbow Fabric Category
  • 1000FD
  • 1000BSP
  • 1000_GD
  • 1000T
  • Orange Fabric Category
  • 196WT FD
  • 196WT_BSP
  • 196WT_GD
  • 196WT_T
  • Pink Fabric Category
  • 1027FD
  • 1027HBL
  • 1027 NF
  • 1027 BMB
  • 81NF
  • 81B
  • Chocolate Fabric Category
  • 441FD
  • 441HBL
  • 441T
  • Fabric with Black Category
  • 1050FD
  • 1050BSP
  • 1050T
  • 1050GD
  • 1050 BMB
  • 981FD
  • 466PL
  • 466GD
  • 45
  • 458LBM
  • 458T
  • 458PL
  • 458GT
  • 458GD
  • 474T
  • 474PL
  • 474GD
  • 474GT
Free Alterations
All Tropical Tantrum clothing is custom made. Minor alterations are free of charge in the guide lines of a few inches shorter, longer or wider at the sleeve, neckline, or hemline. Use the box below to detail your alterations for this garment. Please include your measurements (bust, waist, hip, height) for free custom tailoring. Free alterations are for garments only and do not apply to accessories. We offer minor alterations for all Men, Women and Children garments.


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Matching Accessories
  • Hawaiian Scarf / Shawl

    Price: $39.00
  • Hawaiian Flip-flops

    Price: $49.00

    Beaded Hawaiian Purse

    Price: $49.00
  • Island Swing Dress

    Price: $98.00

Tropical Tantrum's Batik Fabrics

Tropical Tantrum is famous for our beautiful colors and quality hand painted batik fabrics. Our color combinations are unique, durable, and crafted with care to retain their vibrancy and soft, silky feel. We take great pride in our fabrics - they are truly the hallmark of our clothing and accessories. The batik process is one that has been used for thousands of years to create beautiful fabrics of all kinds.

What is Batik?

Batik is created with a technique called "wax-resist dyeing". The fabric is printed with wax, which resists the color of dye. The wax is then removed to reveal a pattern. Multiple applications of wax and dye create intricate and beautiful designs and depth of color.

Although experts disagree as to the precise origins of batik, similar processes can be traced back 1,500 years to Egypt and the Middle East. Samples have also been found in Turkey, India, China, Japan, and West Africa from past centuries. Batik has evolved over the centuries into a great art form, featuring intricate patterns and beautiful colors. Present day Indonesia is the home of some of the finest examples of this craftsmanship. Though based in Kauai, Tropical Tantrum is proud to produce our fabrics in Bali as part of this elegant, artistic tradition.

Tropical Tantrum uses fabric with a high thread count to maintain the integrity of our batik colors and designs. The result is not only beautiful, but also extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

Care Instructions

Simplicity best describes our instructions for garment care. Below are instructions to insure that your Tropical Tantrum clothing maintains its beauty. Proper care will keep your garments looking like new for years to come.

  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Roll in a towel to remove excess water
  • Line dry
  • Lightly iron making the garment soft and smooth

Alternative care options include dry cleaning, machine washing on the gentle cycle in cold water, line drying.